Help With..

Our professional advisers in the Bureau can provide help and assistance on most topics.  Further information on the most common areas can be found through the links below, but feel free to visit the bureau for further help and advice.

  • Benefits
    • If you would like to know if you are entitled to any benefits or tax credits we can carry out a benefit check to see what your entitlement might be.  We can also advise you on how to make a claim and assist with the completion of application forms. If you have been a refused a benefit or your benefits have been suspended or sanctioned we can tell you how to challenge these decisions.
  • Debt
    • The bureau provides free and impartial advice on debt and money management to help our clients make better informed choices and decisions regarding money related issues.
  • Employment
    • CAB West Lothian can help with problems/issues associated with employment and the workplace.  In some cases we can also help with representation at tribunals, but this is dependent on the availability of staff.
  • Consumer
    • Has your washing machine broken down? Is your new mobile phone faulty?  Do you have a query about your gas or electricity bill? Do you think you have been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance?  The Bureau can assist across a wide range of problems and issues.
  • Housing
    • We can provide you with information on how to apply for housing through the Local Authority  or find private rented accommodation. If you have been made homelessness, we can advise on your rights and how to obtain alternative accommodation. If your landlord fails to return your deposit, we can tell you how you can get this back. If your landlord has failed to carry out repairs on your property we will advise you on how can get these done.
  • Relationships
    • If you have split up from your partner you might have various issues to address.  If you jointly own your home, what can you do if you want your partner to move out?  If you want to move out, how can you find somewhere else to live?  What about child access & financial matters.  We can provide you with a wide range of advice & information or refer you to specialist agencies where appropriate.  If you have recently been bereaved we can help you through this difficult time, providing advice & information on a range of matters including wills & estates, the duties of an executor, financial issues and the costs of the funeral.

In addition to the above Citizens Advice Scotland produces a range of helpful advice guides on a wide variety of topics.  these can be accessed by anyone free of charge – check out Adviceguide Scotland.